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Elite Personal Safety Systems has developed fun and innovative personal safety seminar programs for organizations of all sizes. Participants can look forward to a very educational, practical and fun experience. Elite Personal Safety Systems has custom tailored various personal safety seminars for the following organizations:

business personal safety seminars

Business / Corporate Personal Safety Seminars

Elite Personal Safety Systems gives companies the ability to incorporate positive and practical human resource programs while increasing the camaraderie between employees.

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college and university self defense classes on women safety

College / University Personal Safety Seminars

Elite Personal Safety Systems college programs educate college women and staff on personal safety, avoiding dangerous situations and how to reduce the risk factors that cause an increase in assaults. Our college personal safety seminars are perfect for faculty, students, sororities and other campus groups.

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women's personal safety seminars classes lessons

Non-Profit / Charity Personal Safety Programs

Elite Personal Safety Systems' non-profit and charity personal safety programs allow organizations to raise money for their organization while providing a valuable service to their members and sphere of influence. Co-branding opportunities are also available.

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law enforcement training edge weapon compliance and control

Law Enforcement / Security Programs

Elite Personnel Safety Systems Law Enforcement and Security programs are specially tailored to help law enforcement and security personnel handle aggressive suspects without using excessive or lethal force. Programs include Compliance and Control, Edge Weapon Defense and highly specialized training for elite agency personnel. Our law enforcement training programs can be custom tailored to each organizations individual needs.

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