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If you have participated in an Elite Personal Safety Systems seminar, event, or DVD program we would love to hear from you. Share your success story with us! Email your feedback to:

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Organizational Testimonials

I would like to express my appreciation for the self-defense training workshops you hosted for us during our fall retreat. We found your techniques to avoid becoming victims of crime, as well as how to defend ourselves, invaluable. We learned so much and really enjoyed ourselves in the process. Know that you are welcome to return anytime. We are looking forward to it!

L. Germaine Cheatham
Event Coordinator / Director of Admissions for DE State University

The Diversity Committee would like to thank you for the outstanding presentation. Attendees found the information on self-defense and crime awareness to be very valuable and useful. I am especially pleased your group took time to educate our employees on what a predator looks for, how to prepare for a real-life confrontation and how to effectively defend themselves. It is easy to see that you and your group have a true gift for educating others in self-defense and crime awareness. Thank you again for making our workshop series such a great success!

Lori L. Hill
Diversity Program Manager

The seminar given was terrific! I walked away with valuable information about self-defense techniques that will enable me to stay safe. The 75 staff employees who attended the seminar also enjoyed it and are still saying positive things about the demonstration that was presented. Awesome job!

Stacey W. Berry
HR Manager

Thank you for your assistance at the Washington Times 25th Anniversary Banquet last Thursday May 17th at the National Building Museum. The featured speakers for the evening included former President George Bush (41) and the papers founder, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and your assistance with their security details was noted by the lead advance Secret Service Agent, the Detail Leader of the Founder, as well as the Director of Security for the Times (a former Secret Service Technician himself), as well as numerous other individuals who commented on the professionalism of our security team.

In attendance were numerous senators, congressmen, ambassadors, former heads of state, cabinet members, and other notable individuals; all of whom experienced a safe and secure event (despite the fire alarm going off during President Bush’s speech). I would like to personally thank you for making my team stand out as a top notch provider of security and I would welcome you to work for me anytime.

Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Jerry Heying, CPP, PPS
President and CEO

Participant Testimonials

The Defender saved my life!
I feel much safer when I have this at my fingertips…
I thought I knew something because I was in the military…
The Defender is awesome awesome awesome. I learned a lot…

I was walking in a parking lot late at night when I was grabbed from behind. Instinctively I was able to use the Defender that was attached to my key ring to strike my attacker in the face and was able to run into a store for help. The Defender keychain saved my life! I later found out that my attacker had left his car running and was likely trying to kidnap me. I highly recommend the Defender and Elite Personal Safety Systems to everyone.

Benita Gardner

This was a wonderful opportunity to learn how to protect myself. The Defender keychain is easy to use. I’ll definitely keep it with me always.

Erin Williams

The Defender is definitely a great tool for women (or anyone). It is manageable and convenient. The techniques taught make me feel more secure going out alone with the possibility that I may have to defend myself one day.

Valerie Sanders

I have not been in a victim of a crime but I have been in situations where I felt very uncomfortable. Now if presented with the same situations, like being on elevators or stairs, I feel more confident that I could get away and buy myself more time. Thank you sooo much!!

Arleen Linzau

The techniques were very easy. I would definitely refer others to attend a seminar or buy the DVD.

Pat Brown

I found this training assuring and quite helpful. I’m only 5’1 and always out by myself. This training has given me several techniques I can easily use when I am in danger.

Lia Watts

The Defender is very easy to hold and gives you a chance to get away. I will recommend the Defender to all my family members.

Dona Harris

Excellent defensive weapon for women. I feel much safer now when traveling by myself as I often do.

Rhonda Jackson

I loved learning the defensive techniques with The Defender and I know that if needed this would save a life. What a great invention.

Deborah King

The Defender is great. It’s the right size and easy to control.

Dianne Smith

After an hour of practice with the Defender I feel more prepared to defend myself in a crisis. Thank you!

Steffanie Rivers

I like The Defender, it was very easy to use. The techniques taught have made me feel more empowered when in potentially unsafe situations.

Jacadra Wilson

I’ve never been attacked before and I hope I never will but if someone was to try me now I know I can break away. Thanks again for everything.

Tina Stewart

The instruction is very valuable for all ages, both young and old. I recommend this training which is very easy to learn for our senior citizens too.

Sara Hamilton

Certified Instructor Testimonials